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Practical Methodology for Karate-Kata

Dear colleagues of Karate-Do and Budo,

At the moment I am about to finish a project about a new and useful system on a Comprehensive Practical Methodology for Karate-Kata, in which I have been working for more than 3 years and which is based on my professional experience after years of work and research.

The project consists of an "innovating" training method, not only in its contents, but in its structure and development. It includes in a very organized, progressive and scientific way, the study of the techniques for Karate-Do from a pedagogic and practical point of view.

On my opinion, although I have based my ideas on the habitual system (Kihon, Kata, Kumite), this methodology is quite different, and it provides new ideas for teaching, which could be used in our classes in order to make them more entertaining and educative.

One of the aims of this study is to make the student understand the purpose of all the exercise when training: techniques, movements, turns, etc.

It is not about the making of a "tsuki" or a "gueri", neither how the hip works with a specific technique. What I try to explain, following a certain order, is some criteria in te daily training based on this methodology. That is, it is not technical or biomechanic study, because there are many good works on this issue. Apart from the fact that each style has got its own technical characteristics. This is why I think the study is applicable to any kind of karate.

Structure of the study

  • Technical Report
  • Kata Drawings
  • Word Chart
  • Conclusion Chart

Formal structured works

  • Kihon
  • Kihon Kumite: Basic and Advanced
  • Bunkai Kumite: Classic and Free

Adapted structured works

  • Goshin-Kata (Personal Defense through the Kata tecniques), in its different ways of training.
  • Kaisai-kumite (Free Kumite works starting from the Kata concepts).

In the method I explain the general idea of the study, but I don't reject the possibility of imparting a course about it. In fact, I have already given one in Spain, because it shows much better and in a clearer way the development and the relationship among the different subjects.

If there is someone interested in this topic, please, contact me through Electronic-Mail. Thanks for your attention and see you soon.

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